By Dr Maurice V. on January 10, 2014

Folsom,CA | New Sales Department

I got a better deal with Sacto HD, then at my hometown HD. The bike I was looking for was not in stock at the Folsom HD and had one at the Sacto HD. It would have taken a couple of months or so to get a new one from the factory, as per Folsom HD sales dept. I will drive across town to Sacto HD to buy a quart of oil instead of going to the HD in folsom. George Tonis did a great job in showing me all of my options, and I took the one that was easy for me.......Thanks to Sean in Parts for showing me my options to buy accessories for my new VROD Muscle...thats when I went ahead and ordered a new windscreen for my bike. Thank you Sacto you have another lifetime return customer......